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Reviewed on 26 May 2021Published on 26 May 2021

Scaleway Bare Metal Cloud Servers are dedicated physical servers that you can order on-demand, like cloud Instances. You can install an OS or other image on your Bare Metal server and connect to it via SSH to use it as you require. You can power off the server when you’re not using or, delete it from your account once you have finished with it. Bare Metal servers are ideal for large workloads, big data, and applications that require increased security and dedicated resources.


How to create a Bare Metal Server

  1. Click Bare Metal in the Compute section of the side menu. The Bare Metal creation page displays.

  2. Click Create a Bare Metal Server to launch the creation wizard.

  3. Complete the following steps in the wizard:

    • Choose an Availability Zone, which is the geographical region where your Bare Metal server will be deployed.
    • Choose an Image to run on your server. This can be an OS of your choice, or you can order the server without a preinstalled image.
    • Select a Server Configuration.
    • Add your SSH Key (necessary only if you are installing an image on your server)
    • Verify the Estimated Cost of your server, based on the specifications you chose.
  4. Click Create a Bare Metal Server to order the server.

You can follow the delivery progress from the list of Bare Metal Servers.

How to install a Bare Metal Server


This action is useful if you created your server without a pre-installed operating system. You can proceed with the installation once the Bare Metal Server is in a Ready state.

  1. Click Bare Metal in the Compute section of the side menu.

  2. Choose the Bare Metal server you want to install from the list.

  3. Click Install to launch the OS installation wizard.

  4. Choose the operating system that you want to install on the machine.

  5. Add your SSH key.


    If you have already uploaded a key, it will appear in the list of keys.

  6. Check the corresponding boxes to grant access to the server.

  7. Click Install server.

How to power off a Bare Metal Server


Before powering off a Bare Metal server, first you should power off its operating system by connecting to the server and executing the halt command.

  1. Click Bare Metal in the Compute section of the side menu.

  2. Click «See more Icon» next to the server you want to power off.

  3. Click Power Off in the drop-down menu.

  4. Click Power off this Bare Metal server.