Instance DNS domain name change

Instance domain name change from to

In order to improve our products, we are planning a change in the DNS domain used by all Scaleway Instances on September 28, 2020.

This is relevant to you if you use public or private DNS name ending with or to address your instances in your infrastructure design. If you do not use these DNS names, there will be no impact to your service.

Instance names are moving from to


Current DNS name:

New DNS name:

Migration Instructions

Currently, we support both DNS Instance names (the current and the new) until September 28, 2020. After this date, names ending with will no longer resolve to your instance’s IP address.
In order to maintain the services referring to your instances using the deprecated name (if any), you must change all occurrences (wherever they are) of the deprecated name to its new version:

The reverse mapping (IP address to DNS name) has already been updated. You may have noticed that for an IP address 51.158.x.y (for example), the reverse name is now instead of (please note that in the case of the reverse mapping, the subdomain is directly, without the subdomain part rev).
You’ll receive the migration details by e-mail as this deadline approaches.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with this migration by creating a ticket from the console.

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