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How to store objects with Object Storage and Transmit 5

Reviewed on 09 February 2022Published on 04 June 2018
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Transmit 5 - Overview

Object Storage allows you to store any kind of object (documents, images, videos, etc.) and retrieve them at a later time from anywhere.

For instance, you can store images and they will be accessible using HTTPS. You can use the control panel to manage your storage. Some tools exist to interact with Object Storage.


Retrieving your credentials

To access Object Storage using s3md, you need to configure your API key.

Downloading Transmit

Transmit is a powerful and easy-to-use solution to manage Object Storage from your Mac. It provides a clean and straightforward interface to create, list and delete buckets, download, upload, and delete objects inside the Object Storage.

Download Transmit 5.

Configuring Transmit

  1. Open the application. On the right hand side you see the remote server list.

  2. Click + to create a new server profile.

  3. Choose Amazon S3 in the list of service types and name the profile. Confirm by clicking Next:

  4. Enter the following information in the form and Save it:

    • Address: s3.REGION.scw.cloud
    • Port: 443
    • Access Key ID: your Access key
    • Secret: your Secret key
    • Root URL: https://s3.REGION.scw.cloud

    Edit the Address and Root URL parameters to the region of your bucket. It can either be fr-par (Paris, France), nl-ams (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) or pl-waw(Warsaw, Poland).

  5. Log in to the server:

You can now create a bucket and store objects inside. A bucket name must contain only alphanumeric and lowercase characters.