Store Wordpress Media on Object Storage with Media Cloud

Media Cloud Overview

Media Cloud is a Wordpress plugin allowing you to automatically import the media gallery of your blog to Object Storage and to upload new media files via the Wordpress Media Manager directly into an Object Storage Bucket.


Installing Media Cloud

Media Cloud can be installed directly from the admin interface of the blog.

1 . Enter the Plugins section in the admin interface of Wordpress, then click on New Plugin and search for Media Cloud :

Adding Media Cloud Plugin

2 . Click on Install Now to install the plugin into Wordpress.

Configuring Media Cloud

3 . Once installed, the plugin appears in the list of Installed Plugins:

Media Cloud Plugin Installed

4 . Click on Supply your AWS Credentials to enter your Object Storage credentials.

5 . Fill in the required storage settings for your bucket:

Media Cloud Object Storage Configuration

  • Storage Provider: Other S3 Compatible Service
  • Access Key: Your Scaleway Access Key
  • Secret Key: Your Scaleway Secret Key
  • Bucket: The name of your Object Storage Bucket
  • Region: Automatic
  • Custom Endpoint URL:
  • Path Style Endpoint: Enabled

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes to update the storage settings.

6 . Enable the Media Cloud Object Storage feature by clicking on Enable/Disable Tools:

Media Cloud Enable Tools

Move the Storage slider to the right, then click on Save Changes to activate the Object Storage feature.

Note: The other features can be enabled or disabled as required.

7 . Once the storage settings are saved, proceed with the import of your media gallery into the Object Storage Bucket by clicking on Storage Importer:

Media Cloud Import

The tool will import automatically all media files located in the media gallery of Wordpress. Depending on the amount of data to import, this may take some time.

8 . Once the media gallery has been imported, you will notice a small cloud icon next to each media file, indicating that it is stored in the Object Storage bucket:

Media Cloud Library

Move you mouse on the file to see details about it.

All newly uploaded files are automatically stored in the Object Storage bucket and they can be used from the Media Library like any other media when writing a blog post.

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