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Scaleway expands its new generation of cutting-edge dedicated servers in its second region

July 06, 2021

Generation 7 dedicated servers are now available in the Netherlands in AMS1


Amsterdam, July 7 2021 Scaleway, the fast-growing European public cloud services provider, expands its renowned Generation 7 dedicated servers ranges to the Netherlands in its local data center, AMS1. Thanks to low latency and more bandwidth, Generation 7 will address the global market. Scaleway makes premium, highly customizable, servers available to rent, with no minimum commitment.

Dedicated servers are commonly used for production environments thanks to their high performance, extreme reliability, and the level of control, security and competitive pricing that they offer. To meet growing demand, Scaleway continues to enhance its Dedibox range with these new high-end offers integrating cutting-edge technology.


A wide range of hardware configurations

Generation 7 is composed of 8 dedicated servers, split into two ranges.

The PRO-7 series provides a cost-effective combination of processing capacity, memory and storage. This series is composed of two products: the PRO-7-S and the PRO-7-M.

The CORE-7 series is excellent for intensive workloads, and offers up to 25Gbps bandwidth. This series is composed of 6 products, the M, L, XL, and XXL servers. Customers can choose between a combination of either AMD (-A) or Intel (-I) versions to best fit their production infrastructure projects. 


Generation 7 provides the best storage capacity, with state-of-the-art NVMe Data Center technology on the whole range.


Name Processor RAM Storage
1× Intel Xeon E-2246G (6C/12T – 3,6 GHz/4,8 GHz) 32 Go 2× 480 Go SSD NVMe Data Center
1× Intel Xeon E-2246G (6C/12T – 3,6 GHz/4,8 GHz) 64 Go 2× 480 Go SSD NVMe Data Center
1x Intel Xeon E-2288G (8C/16T – 3,7 GHz/5,0 GHz) 128 Go 2× 960 Go SSD NVMe Data Center
2x Intel Xeon Silver 4214R (24C/48T – 2,4 GHz/3,5 GHz) 192 Go 2× 1920 Go SSD NVMe Data Center
1x AMD EPYC 7302P (16C/32T – 3,0 GHz/3,3 GHz) 256 Go 2× 1920 Go SSD NVMe Data Center
1x AMD EPYC 7532 (32C/64T – 2,4 GHz/3,3 GHz) 256 Go 2× 1920 Go SSD NVMe Data Center
2x Intel Xeon Silver 4214R (24C/48T – 2,4 GHz/3,5 GHz) 576 Go 2× 1920 Go SSD NVMe Data Center
2x Intel Xeon Gold 6242R (40C/80T – 3,1 GHz/4,1 GHz) 384 Go 2× 1920 Go SSD NVMe Data Center
2x AMD EPYC 7532 (64C/128T – 2,35 GHz/3,3 GHz) 1024 Go 2× 1920 Go SSD NVMe Data Center


In the Netherlands, the CORE-7-M-I, CORE-7-M-A, CORE-7-L-I, CORE-7-L-A are already available. The rest of the range will be made available soon. 

Scaleway offers the widest choice of hardware configurations for high-end dedicated servers in order to best meet the needs of production environments.

Now up to 25Gbps bandwidth

Like all its Dedibox servers, Scaleway’s Generation 7 benefits from internet connectivity backed by an ultra-fast, reliable, high performance, mesh network with a capacity of over 10Tbps, and multiple operators and exchange points. The launch of Generation 7 allows for the needs of different use cases to be met by additional bandwidth customization options. Selecting additional bandwidth allows users to increase go from 1Gbps to up to 25Gbps on the CORE-7.

Business Service Level for production servers

Scaleway’s Business Service Level has already been available for some time now, and is recommended for all production servers for users to benefit from the best Scaleway Dedibox services. This service level allows for servers to be customized with additional Data Center SSDs and NVMe.

Other services included in the Business Service Level are as follows:

  • Premium and priority assistance: 24/7 by ticket and telephone
  • Support: dedicated technical expert
  • Advanced Service Level Agreement (SLA): 99.95% (Basic: 99.9%)
  • Guaranteed response time: within 1 hour (Basic: within 4 hours)
  • Boosted Real Private Network (RPN): up to 10Gbps bandwidth on your server
  • Security: Advanced or Curative Anti-DDoS protection

Scaleway’s Generation 7 meets demanding specifications by offering high performance dedicated servers equipped with all of the premium Scaleway Dedibox services across multiple data centers.

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About Scaleway
Scaleway, leading alternative European infrastructure and platform as-a-service provider (IaaS and PaaS), is catering to the global market with the essential mix of cloud computing resources that is flexible, cost effective, reliable, secure and sustainably powered. Scaleway is the only triple play cloud provider to offer  private data center colocation and infrastructure, dedicated servers for maximum control and punch, and a modern and elastic public cloud ecosystem. Scaleway has a daring approach that challenges the status quo, its ecosystem is designed to leverage market standards to make things simpler: S3 compatibility, a rolling up-to-date Kubernetes and Terraform support. Scaleway is constantly growing around the world, and currently serves 300,000+ clients in over 160 countries. Scaleway’s services are deployed via six data centers located in three regions: Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Warsaw (Poland).

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