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Scaleway reinforces its public cloud ecosystem with the launch of its new DNS service

December 08, 2020

Paris, December 8, 2020 – Scaleway, the fast-growing European public cloud services provider, announces the launch of its DNS service which simplifies the management of IP addressing and associated domain names. With the launch of this service, Scaleway’s public cloud ecosystem is now one of the most complete worldwide.

Scaleway develops its range of products to provide clients with a complete offering for all their cloud services. The DNS (Domain Name Service) allows users to translate a domain name into an IP address in order to reroute requests to the service or an associated server. Scaleway offers the best market practices with a DNS service that controls and optimizes the routing of connections to all of Scaleway’s dedicated services, public cloud products and data center solutions, as well as to any service outside of Scaleway in order to facilitate multi-cloud designs for its clients.

Scaleway’s cloud ecosystem

With the launch of DNS, Scaleway strengthens its public cloud ecosystem which already contains over 40 references available in a few seconds from the client console. The cloud service provider’s catalog includes compute services (Instances and Bare Metal), storage, and network, as well as cutting-edge tools including IoT and Terraform automation.

Scaleway stands apart from other providers by offering public cloud services built on standard technology such as S3-compatible Object Storage, C14 Cold Storage as an alternative to Glacier, Kubernetes Kapsule, and even a managed MQTT protocol for connected devices. Scaleway was the pioneer of Bare Metal, and its new DNS service can even be linked to all Bare Metal references including the world’s most powerful model launched a few days ago (UP-BM2-XL: 224 cores/448 threads).

Integrated into a multi-cloud vision

Scaleway develops its ecosystem with the multi cloud in mind to create environments which are favorable to mixed infrastructures. Integration into standard technologies is becoming indispensable so that developers and DevOps engineers are able to work with the solutions and providers best adapted to their projects. The DNS service, coupled with Scaleway’s Load Balancer, also allows traffic and workloads to be distributed over a multi-cloud design. Indeed, the load balancer on offer with Scaleway is unique as it authorizes all IP addresses, without exception, to define backend destination services.

Scaleway continues its progression as one of the most complete cloud providers in Europe and worldwide, its services are designed by ecosystem, and open to the multi cloud.

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About Scaleway
Scaleway is the second-largest European cloud services provider supplying a range of pioneering cloud infrastructure services for professionals. It offers the right combination of compute power and storage that is flexible, cost effective, reliable, secure and sustainably powered. Scaleway is the only cloud provider to offer private data center colocation and infrastructure with Scaleway Datacenter, dedicated servers with Scaleway Dedibox for maximum control and punch, and elastic public cloud services with its modern, S3-compatible Scaleway Elements ecosystem, including a rolling up-to-date Kubernetes and Terraform support. Scaleway’s offerings are based on some 20 years of expertise in developing and deploying dedicated servers and managing high-end innovative data centers. Scaleway is growing its reputation around the world and currently serves clients in over 160 countries. Scaleway has six data centers located in three regions: Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Warsaw (Poland). Its clients include Aternos, Vente-Privée (Veepee), and Le Monde.

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