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Scaleway launches the first anti lock-in load balancer to make multicloud a reality

March 12, 2020

Paris, March 12, 2020 – Scaleway, a key player in Bare Metal cloud solutions1, announced today new models of Load Balancers as a Service to meet the challenges of very high availability, increased traffic and multi-cloud architectures. The version launched in May 2019 (LB-GP-S) comes now in two new flavors, LB-GP-M and LB-GP-L, which offer 100% redundancy and up to 1 Gbps of bandwidth to deal with high loads. The LB-GP-L version is fully agnostic and can be distributed to backends and IPs of Scaleway or any cloud platform, server or private datacenter – a pragmatic and incentivizing step towards multicloud infrastructures.

The need for ever more flexible and available IT infrastructures is growing every day, which is why Load Balancer2 solutions have become essential for distributing traffic and keeping calm in the face of changes in the business. For several years now, the “cloud native” versions have taken precedence over the historical “appliance box” suppliers, thanks to their flexibility, their API-based control and reasonable costs. At the same time, in order to increase service availability, companies are seeking less dependence on a single cloud platform (on and off-premises) and more multiple, commitment-free and reversible solutions.

“We are and will increasingly be living in a multicloud world3. Why would an organizationone weaken its infrastructure and lock itself into a single supplier platform?” saidasks Arnaud de Bermingham, President of Scaleway. “Multicloud is a very relevant concept, but it requires difficult architectural choices when it comes to going into production. Immediately one thinks of complex orchestrators and expensive software solutions to mix existing infrastructures. We noticed most Load Bbalancers as a Service on the market come with a single-supplier constraint and thus are a lock-in factor. This is both a limitation to the users’ freedom of choice and a speed limit for their evolution pace. We therefore decided to offer a truly multicloud Load Balancer, allowing services and applications from heterogeneous environments and different vendors – even from private datacenters – to be combined. We mean to facilitate disaster recovery plans, load balancing and high availability, without the cloud provider causing unnecessary restrictions. In these times of the Cloud Act and American and Chinese hyper-domination, we want to propose a simple, step-by-step, innovative and pragmatic open European alternative that can be used in full or à la carte,” he added.

A unique multicloud offer

A pioneering offer on the market, Scaleway Elements’ LB-GP-L allows traffic to be distributed to the Scaleway ecosystem (Instances, GPUs, Database, Bare Metal and Dedibox) but also to different platforms such as Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OVHcloud or to any on-premises server or instance. Less than an hour is needed to deploy one of the fundamental services of a redundant multicloud architecture that comes tailor-made, with no borders or boundaries.

Designed to meet demanding needs

The Load Balancers’ architecture is fully managed and redundant (primary and secondary servers) which secures high availability. Scaleway has also chosen to use dedicated resources (and not shared servers) which guarantees a 99.99% SLA and a bandwidth up to 1 Gbps.Scaleway also allows for real-time availability monitoring and alerting. Another notable feature is its HTTPS protocol support, making it possible for users to generate Let’s Encrypt certificates directly from their interface.

Innovation and cost control

While offering technological innovations and answering critical needs, Scaleway’s new Load Balancers are also among the most competitive on the market (see benchmark below). They outperform the competition for very high traffic needs and high bandwidth consumptions, since transfers, requests and the number of rules are unlimited. The cost remains stable and predictable whatever the volume transferred, with no additional fees.



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About Scaleway

Scaleway is a European cloud services provider supplying a range of pioneering cloud infrastructure covering a full range of services for professionals: public cloud services with Scaleway Elements, private infrastructure with Scaleway Datacenter and dedicated servers with Scaleway Dedibox. Scaleway’s offer is based on some 20 years of expertise in developing and marketing dedicated servers (Scaleway Dedibox) and managing high-end innovative datacenters (Scaleway Datacenter). Scaleway is growing its reputation around the world and currently serves business clients in over 150 countries. Scaleway has four datacenters located in France and one in the Netherlands. Its clients include Le Bon Coin, Vente-Privée (Veepee), Safran and Le Monde.


2. The Load Balancer allows traffic loads to be distributed to different servers or instances on the same network. In particular, it allows you to manage load peaks so that the servers of websites with a high audience do not become overloaded.
3. Multicloud is an essential approach for the vast majority of companies. 84% of the 1,000 organizations surveyed worldwide in the latest RightScale barometer claim to have adopted this strategy

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