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How to retrieve my organization ID through the API

How to retrieve my organization ID through the API

This page shows you how to identify your organization ID through the API.


  • You have an account and are logged into cloud.scaleway.com
  • You have generated your API Token

Our system attributes an organization ID to each user. The API requires your organization ID for many actions, for instance:

  • Server creation
  • Volume creation
  • Image creation
  • Snapshot creation
  • Etc.

Retrieve your organization ID

To retrieve your organization ID, execute the following request.

N.B.: Replace the X-Auth-Token value with your generated token.

% curl https://account.scaleway.com/organizations -H "X-Auth-Token: fa633f07-c2e9-4f06-b651-011d5330e58f"

  "organizations": [
->    "id": "000a115d-2852-4b0a-9ce8-47f1134ba95a",
      "name": "jsnow@got.wint",
      "users": [

In the above example, the organization ID is 000a115d-2852-4b0a-9ce8-47f1134ba95a.

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