Scaleway Elements IoT Hub Metrics

Metrics Overview

Metrics report usage of your Hub and Devices.

Time scales

For each metric you can choose among 5 time scales:

1 . Last 60 min: values from 1 hour ago to the last minute, aggregated per minute,

2 . Last 24 hours: values from 24 hours ago to last hour, aggregated per hour,

3 . Last 7 days: values from 7 days ago to last day quarter, aggregated per 6 hour,

4 . Last 30 days: values from 30 days ago to yesterday, aggregated per day,

5 . Last 365 days: values from 365 days ago to last 30 days, aggregated per 30 days


Messages count

  • Messages count Device metric is the number of messages exchanged between the Hub and the Device during the period,
  • Messages count Hub metric is the sum of all messages exchanged during the period.

Any kind of MQTT packet (CONNECT, PUBLISH, SUBSCRIBE, PING, …) is counted as 1 message. The same message published to several devices counts as many recipients devices.


Device1 connects & publish a message with qos1

	Device1    CONNECT ->    Hub
	        <- CONNACK
	           PUBLISH ->
	        <- PUBACK

This counts as 4 messages for Device1.
This message is distributed to Device2 and Device3 (with Qos1)

	Hub    PUBLISH -> Device2
	    <- PUBACK
	       PUBLISH -> Device3
	    <- PUBACK

This counts as 4 messages.
So in total 8 messages transited through the Hub.

Device Activity and Active devices

  • Device activity Device metric shows when the Device was connected to your Hub,
  • Active devices Hub metric is the number of distinct Devices connected at least once to your Hub during the period.

A device is flagged as connected as soon as the Hub receives a valid CONNECT packet and accepts it. It is flagged disconnected after its connection has been closed. It is considered active during a period interval if it was connected at least once during that interval.

Device active state is represented with a green positive bar, while an inactive state will be represented by a red negative bar.


Device1 connects at 9:10am, disconnects at 9:11am.
- In **Last 60 min** period, it will be counted as active for *9:10am* and *9:11am* bars.
- In **Last 24 hours** period, it will be counted as active for *9:00am* bar.

Device2 connects at 9:11am, disconnects at 10:31am.
- In **Last 60 min** period, it will be counted as active for *9:11am* to *10:31am* bars.
- In **Last 24 hours** period, it will be counted as active for *9:00am* and *10:00am* bars.

Hub Metrics

To view hub metrics, click on Metrics tab of your Hub.

Device Metrics

To display metrics, in the Devices tab of your Hub:

  • if you click on the device name, it will open the Device Information view, including Device metrics,
  • if you click anywhere else on the device line, metrics appears in the expanded content (NOTE: in that case you only have the last 24 hours period).

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