Scaleway Elements IoT Hub Metrics

IoT Hub Metrics - Overview

Metrics report usage of your Hub and Devices.

Available metrics:

1 . Messages count : how many messages a Hub / Device sent / received 2 . Device activity : when a Device was seen connected 3 . Active devices : how many Hub Devices were connected

Available metrics

Messages count

  • Messages count as a Device metric is the number of messages exchanged between the Hub and the Device during the period,
  • Messages count as a Hub metric is the sum of all messages exchanged during the period.

Any kind of MQTT packet (CONNECT, PUBLISH, SUBSCRIBE, PING, …) in any direction (sent or received) is counted as 1 message.


Device1 connects & publish a message with qos1

	Device1    CONNECT ->    Hub
	        <- CONNACK
	           PUBLISH ->
	        <- PUBACK

This counts as 4 messages for Device1.
This message is distributed to Device2 and Device3 (with Qos1)

	Hub    PUBLISH -> Device2
	    <- PUBACK
	       PUBLISH -> Device3
	    <- PUBACK

This counts as 4 messages.
So in total 8 messages transited through the Hub.

Please note this metric is different from the number of billed message each month, which depends on message size too.

Device Activity and Active Devices

These 2 metrics are the faces of the same coin, depending you look on the Hub side or the Device side.

  • Device activity : this Device metric shows when the Device was connected to your Hub,
  • Active devices : this Hub metric is the number of distinct Devices seen connected to your Hub during the period.

A device is flagged as connected as soon as the Hub receives a valid CONNECT packet and accepts it. It is flagged disconnected after its connection has been closed. It is considered active during a period interval if it was connected at least once during that interval.

Device active state is represented with a green positive bar, while an inactive state will be represented by a red negative bar.


Device1 connects at 9:10am, disconnects at 9:11am.
- In **Last 60 min** period, it will be counted as active for *9:10am* and *9:11am* bars.
- In **Last 24 hours** period, it will be counted as active for *9:00am* bar.

Device2 connects at 9:11am, disconnects at 10:31am.
- In **Last 60 min** period, it will be counted as active for *9:11am* to *10:31am* bars.
- In **Last 24 hours** period, it will be counted as active for *9:00am* and *10:00am* bars.

Time scales

For each metric you can choose among 5 time scales:

1 . Last 60 min: values from 1 hour ago to the last minute, aggregated per minute,
2 . Last 24 hours: values from 24 hours ago to last hour, aggregated per hour,
3 . Last 7 days: values from 7 days ago to last day quarter, aggregated per 6 hours,
4 . Last 30 days: values from 30 days ago to yesterday, aggregated per day, 5 . Last 365 days: values from 365 days ago to last 30 days, aggregated per 30 days

Hub Metrics

To view hub metrics, click on Metrics tab of your Hub.

IoT Hub Metrics

The metrics of the Hub are visualized as graph:

IoT Hub Metrics

Device Metrics

To display metrics, in the Devices tab of your Hub:

IoT Hub Metrics

  • if you click on the device name, it will open the Device Information view, including Device metrics,
    IoT Hub Metrics

  • if you click anywhere else on the device line, metrics appears in the expanded content (NOTE: in that case you only have the last 24 hours period).

Learn more about Scaleway IoT Hub, discover how to add Devices to the hub, add IoT Hub routes or get started in a few clicks with the IoT Hub Kickstarts.

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